Blogging, Blogger, and Blog Meaning in Urdu

Blogging, Blogger, and Blog Meaning in Urdu - Agha Sahad Khan

Wondering about the meaning of Blogging, Blogger, or Blog in Urdu?

کیا آپ سوچ رہے ہیں کہ اردو میں بلاگنگ، بلاگر اور بلاگ کے معنی کیا ہیں؟

What are the correct Urdu words for these?

ان کے لیے اردو کے صحیح الفاظ کون سے ہیں؟

And unsure about what the exact meaning is in Urdu?

اور کیا آپ کو یقین نہیں ہے کہ اردو میں اصل معنی کیا ہے؟

No problem! You’re in the right spot if you’re looking for Blogging, Blogger, and Blog Meaning in Urdu. Many people are often confused by the similarities between these words.

The Urdu term for ‘Blogging‘ is (بلاگنگ), ‘Blogger’ is (بلاگر), and ‘Blog‘ is referred to as (بلاگ).

In Pakistan, people are increasingly drawn to blogging, but in remote areas, they may not be too knowledgeable about the terms Blogging, Blogger and Blog. They might want to ask around to understand the meanings in Urdu.

To better understand the meaning of Blogging, Blogger, and Blog in Urdu, this post explains them in both Urdu and English.

Let’s find your perfect meaning.

What is Blogging Meaning in Urdu?

Blogging Meaning in Urdu - Agha Sahad Khan
Blogging Meaning in Urdu

What does Blogging mean in Urdu?

Blogging Meaning in Urdu – بلاگنگ کا مطلب

Blogging refers to the idea of starting and running a blog by someone/ a team who are usually called bloggers. If you want to know what is blogging.

When you are learning blogger meaning in Urdu, you should also learn the benefits of blogging. One of the biggest advantages of blogging is that it will help you boost your writing skills. When you write on a regular basis, you feel more confident about creating unique content in your own versatile style. Moreover, blogging will help you gain discipline and organization in your routine habits.

Hopefully, you have understood how to start blogging in urdu. If you would like to explore more about blogging, don’t forget to visit our blogging section below:

Blogging means sharing your content through a website. In Urdu, it can be translated as “بلاگنگ”. It refers to publishing your content on a website regularly in the form of articles, videos, or posts. In addition, the content might be educational, informative, or entertaining. 

However, the aim of a blog depends upon the company or the individual operating it. Commonly, blogs are developed to earn money through advertisement (AdSense) or commission (Affiliation). 

What are the Blogging synonyms?

What is the definition of Blogging?

How to start Blogging in Pakistan with no experience?

What is Blogger Meaning in Urdu?

Blogger Meaning in Urdu - Agha Sahad Khan
Blogger Meaning in Urdu

A person who blogs and runs a blog is called a blogger. A blogger can be a single person or a whole team of bloggers. Examples of some famous bloggers of the world are being given below to explain to you and also the names and links of these blogs are also being given which made these bloggers famous.

Are you looking for blogger meaning in Urdu? You must have heard the term “blogger” but most Pakistanis do not know its actual meaning. In this post, we will try to help you understand who a blogger is and what a blogger does. 

What are the Blogger synonyms?

What is the definition of Blogger?

Examples of Some Famous Bloggers: کچھ مشہور بلاگرز کی مثالیں:

Here are some of the most popular blogs run by famous bloggers in the world. These examples will help you understand bloggers meaning in Urdu:

  • Moz by Rand Fishkin
  • HuffPost by Arriana Huffington
  • Mashable by Pete Cashmore
  • CopyBlogger by Brian Clark
  • Lifehacker by Gina Trapani

How to become a Blogger in Pakistan with no experience?

What is Blog Meaning in Urdu?

Blog Meaning in Urdu - Agha Sahad Khan
Blog Meaning in Urdu

Blog Meaning in Urdu – بلاگز کا مطلب

انٹرنیٹ پر اپنے رائے کا اظہار کرنے کا صفحہ

“Internet Ka Safa” Actually, a blog is something like a website or one of the sections of a website. If you want to read in detail what a blog is, click here.

a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read

بلاگ (کسی کے خیالات اور نظریات پر مبنی مواد جو کمپیوٹر میں محفوظ ہوتا ہے اور اس سے کوئی بھی استفادہ کرسکتا ہے)

بلاگ، مشترکہ آن لائن جریدہ جس کو پڑھا لکھا اور ترمیم کیا جا سکتا ہے، ویب سائٹ کی ایک قسم

Are you looking for Blog meaning in Urdu? Do you often read the word “blog” but don’t exactly know what a blog is? Well, don’t worry, a lot of people often are confused due to the similarities between a blog and a website. Let’s check out blog meaning in Urdu and English to help you understand it clearly. 

What is the definition of Blog?

Definition of Blog is a shared online journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies.

What are the Blog synonyms?

  • Weblog

Differences and Similarities Between a Blog and a Website: بلاگ اور ویب سائٹ فرق۔

If you are confused with similarities of a blog and a website, understand the difference between a blog and a website, click here.

For example, a blog may give coverage to sporting niches by publishing news and articles. On the other hand, a sports equipment company has a blog as a section of its main website. In this section, they may share sports-related tips, sports-related news, reviews, and public opinions with their readers and potential customers, So a blogger is someone who writes, owns, or manages a blog. Hopefully, now you understand what is blogger in Urdu.

What are the types of blog?

Various types of blogs are created by bloggers depending on their goals. It includes

Personal blog: Personal blog is created to express feelings. It can be a hobby blog where you can share your regular activities that might attract people. It is commonly used by influencers. 

Portfolio blog: This type of blog shares information, and work experience, and displays work samples. It is mostly developed by freelancers to get hired for remote jobs.

Affiliate blogging: This type of blogging sells products of different brands and earns a commission when any visitor purchases the product through a referral link. Amazon affiliate blogging is the most popular one that people use and share product reviews to make money.

Business blog: Large companies and businesses develop blogs to display their products and offer their services. It helps in promoting brands, gaining clients, and earning revenue. Every popular brand must have a business profile to interact with its customers. Nowadays, small businesses are also developing their websites or blogs to ensure their online presence.

How to start a Blog in Pakistan with no experience?

Blogging is still a trending thing in 2023. Many people earn a lot of money through blogging. You can be one of them. Here are some steps that you can follow to start a blog.

Choose a blogging platform: The foremost step to starting a blog is to choose a suitable platform to do so. Various platforms are available including WordPress, Blogger, etc. The most commonly used platform is WordPress because it is easy and requires no technical staff.

Domain name: Once you have chosen a platform, you will require a domain name (the web address for your blog). Domain names are easily available online and at affordable costs. You can easily register a domain from the ServerSea Domain Registration service. 

Web hosting: In case you build a blog through WordPress, you will need a web hosting service. It is a service that connects your website to the internet. So, web hosting service is of different types such as shared, dedicated, cloud, and VPS hosting. You can choose any of them depending on the website’s requirements. You can also opt for WordPress hosting in Pakistan.

Blog setting: Blog development is also an important step. Choose a suitable niche, and go with an attractive website theme that is responsive and improves website performance. WordPress has many free website themes or you can also purchase premium themes. Make sure the one you choose is compatible with WordPress. 

Publish your content: Once you have created your blog then it is important to share blog posts and publish content. It is important to rank your website using various high-volume keywords and engage with your viewers. So, keep sharing quality services with your viewers to make your blog successful.

Search engine optimization: The website content should be SEO optimized. This will help your site to rank in Google and make it more visible to the audience. In addition, considering website speed and performance also helps the website fall among the quality websites.

Start earning: You can place referral links to your blog posts to make money or apply for Google AdSense to make money through advertisement. You can also add paid advertisements or guest posting to make money. But this opportunity is available to high-traffic websites. 

Keep an eye on analytics: Website analytics should be observed regularly and out what your visitor’s response to your blog, try to eliminate errors, and make amendments to rank your blog on the Google search engine. 


Are you looking for blogger meaning in Urdu? You must have heard the term “blogger” but most Pakistanis do not know its actual meaning. In this post, we will try to help you understand who a blogger is and what a blogger does.

Blogging is a website that shares information either in text or videos. You can create a blog in Urdu as well as English depending on the location and targeted audience. In Urdu, the word “blogging” means “writing a blog.”.


First Blog on Internet?

Most experts agree that the first blog was, created in 1994 by then-student Justin Hall as a place to publish his writing.