How to Become a Freelance Content Writer?

Yes, you can be a freelance writer without any credentials.

If you have a way with words, then it’s all you need.

The client is not interested in knowing your educational background.

If you can deliver the work according to his requirements, congratulations you are hired.

But how to get started as a freelance content writer?

Well, this article is all you need.

To be a freelance content writer, two ingredients are essential.

  • Writing Relevant Content
  • Monetizing it Accordingly

Table of contents:
⦁ Research about the related industry
⦁ Developed essential writing skills.
⦁ Always room for improvement
⦁ Cover letter and writing samples.
⦁ Decide your writing niche.
⦁ Build a portfolio.
⦁ Market your skill set.
⦁ Search engine optimization.
⦁ Scope of freelance content writing after the introduction of Ai
The bottom line.

Research about the content writing industry

In today’s world, the importance of content writing can be underscored by its growing demand and public exposure to the virtual world. All the major businesses have shifted to online marketing, making it accessible to every corner of the world.

But how to appeal to the potential audience?

That is where the content writing steps in. The content writing includes multiple domains. It can be persuasive, expository, descriptive, and narrative. Find the one that suits you best and explore that domain and its relative perks.

When going through this phase, keep in mind the market value of such writing pieces.

Developed essential writing skills.

At the end of the day, your identity is a freelance writer with an emphasis on writing. To be a successful one, you must know how to play with words. How to make your work unique and appealing to the potential audience and how your writing is going to help the client reach its end goal.

And for the folks who are just getting started, there is a century-old tried and tested method, Practice, practice, and practice.

Practice reading and writing. Now what type of content you should consume?

Everything. Relevant and not relevant. It will broaden your horizons and make your writing style unique and special. And write daily. If you don’t know what to write about, just start writing the random thoughts you are having in your mind. Freestyle writing. Over time you will see the change.

Always room for improvement

There is always room for improvement. Even at your best, you have the potential to be more. With this mindset, you keep getting better and better. Just remember, no matter how good you are, it is never enough.

Keep moving ahead. And keep striving. Your hard work and persistence will make all the difference.

Cover letter and writing samples

Clients care less about your credentials. Though your resume makes a good impression. But it will not guarantee you the job. To successfully land one, you need to show them your writing skills.

How are you going to convince them to give you a chance?

Yes, by writing a cover letter and some writing samples. You need to carefully construct both as they hold more weightage in the freelancing field. Be careful in writing a cover letter

Customize it according to the job description. Highlight your strong points and present your writing skills in the best shape you can.

The first cover letter you write, the same goes with your sample will not be the best. And you may never hear back from them. but persistence is the key. Keep practicing and pitching. You will improve and you may land your first project this way.

Decide your writing niche:

Content writing is a very large industry. You can write whatever you want and there is someone out there to pay you for it. Though it is a bit difficult what can you do? You can write things that the clients demand.

There are a bunch of options for you to decide. To list a few:

  • Article/Blog Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Copywriting
  • Technical Writing
  • Video Script Writing etc.

There are multiple general and technical options for you to decide from. You can choose whatever suits you best and whatever pays the most. As earning is the end goal.

It is not necessary to choose one, but it is preferred this way. Clients prefer to award the bid to writers who have experience in writing a particular niche.

Build your Portfolio

Now if you are just starting as a freelance writer, you might be wondering how to build your portfolio. You haven’t landed your first project yet.

How are you going to showcase your work for the clients to appreciate?

There is no point in freaking out. Just take a deep breath and keep reading.

To make a portfolio, you can self-publish your work. Now there are multiple options out there that you can exercise. You can start your blog, or you can also publish your work on your LinkedIn profile.

I happen to know another such platform where you can publish your work for free.

Market your Skill Set

First, learn to earn.

Now that you have learned. You need to put it to good use. But let’s discuss how to market yourself.

Start pitching on a different job application once you are confident that you can pull it off. Confidently approach the client. Convince them that you are the best person for the job. Your writing skills will come in handy here.

You can join freelancing platforms to start. There are several traditional and nontraditional platforms including Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, LinkedIn, etc.

Now here initially you might not hear back from most of them. That’s the excruciating pain of rejection everybody must go through. I have gone through it and so do will you. But this process will challenge your wits determination and persistence. If you stood by the test of time, your good days are ahead.

Search Engine Optimization

For the content writer, writing is not enough. You need additional tips and tricks for it to appeal to the targeted audience. To be accessible to the audience, google or another search engine must rank your article at the top.

Here you must apply certain rules for the search engine to understand and show your work in the results whenever the related keyword is searched.

Scope of Freelance Content Writing after the introduction of AI

When ChatGPT first entered the market, it swept all the content writing jobs from the market. The freelance writer suffers the most. The client preferred Ai generated content because it will be quick and cheap.

But over time, everything starts coming back to normal. Ai no matter how smart he is, can never replace the writer in the writing industry. Only a writer can put life inside words. His words are so powerful a tool to inspire and change the course of life. The thing that the bot is very far from.


Freelance content writing is a very vast field. But it is very congested too. There are multiple domains in it.

You can choose any one of them, and it guarantees you a job. Some pay the most and others less than expected.

But if you have a writing ability like no one other, it doesn’t matter.

So, concentrate on your writing ability to be a successful freelance content writer.  

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