Best Fiverr Gig Rank Checker

Fiverr is a multinational online marketplace that brings businesses and freelancers together. As a traditional freelancing site, it provides the opportunity for beginners and the top skilled freelancers around the globe to interact with potential clients.

Unlike other marketplaces, Fiverr encourages freelancers to showcase their skills in the form of GIGs.

So, the client can easily find you.

But how can the client find you?

There are millions of freelancers hanging around. Their work experience along with outstanding portfolios all stand out.

So how to thrive in such a congested market?

To help you out, I am sharing some tools. Fiverr Rank Checker also called the gigs rank checker will help you to know your current ranking and equip you to rank it higher.

7 Best Fiverr Rank Checker

  1. Fivlytics
  2. Fivdata
  3. DB Calculator
  4. Toolxox
  5. Fiverrlytics
  6. Gig metric
  7. Fiverr

Tips to improve your Fiverr gig ranking.

Disclaimer: All the rank checkers listed here are third-party tools and are not backed by Fiverr International. The data collected there is by the sites’ algorithms.

1. Fivlytics

Fivlytics helps you to rank your gig in the first 2 pages of Fiverr. It provides free keyword analysis and appropriate SEO tools to optimize your gig.

The services include:

  • Keyword analytics
  • Gig SEO
  • Assistant tools
  • Knowledgebase

While exploring this site I came across a very interesting feature that it is offering. Online gig tracker. If you have a busy schedule, with this tool you stay in touch with your ranking and performance.

It tracks your gigs in the first 5 pages of Fiverr and sends you notifications in your inbox. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. Fivdata

Fivdata is another free tool that gives you the ranking of your gig on Fiverr. Its algorithm tracks the gig ranking within the top 3 pages of search results.

Other services:

  • Keyword analytics
  • Order completion calculator
  • Deep rank checker
  • Gig description generator

3. DB Calculator

It is a collection of free calculators to solve any or every problem and get accurate results. Of the immense services that it provides, the Fiverr rank checking is one of them.

Just by entering your username and targeted keyword, it browses through all the pages of the Fiverr result chart and tracks the exact ranking of your gig.

4. Toolxox

The appropriate keyword is the key to optimizing your gig, so it ranks in the first few pages of Fiverr. It generates organic traffic and increases the probability of getting more projects from clients, and it aids in everything.

Toolxox is providing you with a free service to locate the ranking of your gig as well as highlight the keyword responsible to help it rank higher. According to the site, it provides 100% accurate data.

5. Fiverrlytics

Fiverrlytics is another amazing site to check your Fiverr gig ranking. With powerful algorithms, it browses through the Fiverr search results and helps you locate the position of your gig. But that is not all.

This fiverr gig rank checker, it also helps you with:

  • Keyword strategy so you can easily optimize your gig.
  • Data-driven decisions so you can enhance your visibility to your clients.
  • Targeted engagement with clients that can further help you in ranking higher.

6. Gig Metric

Loaded…not bloated.

The tool for your Fiverr freelance business.

Interesting, right?

Gig Metric is another option to check your gig ranking on Fiverr. Wait, I am not done yet. It offers several tools to optimize the gig on Fiverr.

  • Gig analyzer
  • Gig ranking
  • Gig image creator
  • Gig swapper
  • Keyword generator
  • Keyword ranking

For the new users, it provides a 5-day free trial with no credit card details. Satisfied users can go ahead and purchase monthly or yearly plans at reasonable pricing.

Note: The tools that I have introduced so far are all third-party tools. The accuracy that the result provides also varies. Using them also poses the threat of violating Fiverr’s policy service. So, the most accurate and simple method to find your gig ranking on Fiverr is through Fiverr itself.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr doesn’t provide the gig ranking scale but there are some ways you can apply to know your ranking on Fiverr.

  • Manual search on Fiverr: By searching manually on Fiverr, using the keywords that the client usually uses, can give you a rough estimate of how well your gig is performing. If your gig is presented on the first few pages of results, it means it is performing well. To prevent your recent history from affecting your results, I would advise you to open an incognito window. Or you can use some other device to get accurate results.
  • Fiverr “my gig” option: Once you log in to your Fiverr account, you can go to my gigs page. The number of clicks, views, and impressions on your gig can give you a rough estimate of its visibility and ranking.

Tips to improve your Fiverr gig ranking:

For the gig to rank higher, the Fiverr algorithms consider several factors. Relevant keywords, gig descriptions, and appropriate tags are a few things you must keep in consideration. Constant engagement increases the ranking of your gig.

Other things that can add to its visibility include:

  • Response time: your response to your client should be quick as it aids in the ranking of gigs.
  • Order completion time: if your order is completed and submitted on time, your client will be satisfied. It helps the gig to rank higher.
  • Client feedback: Positive feedback is very important. It will not only rank your gig higher but also bring more work to you.


What is Fiverr gig ranking?

The number/rank at which your gig appears when a relevant keyword is searched is the gig ranking.

Is gig ranking important?

It is very important as the higher your gig ranks increase your chances of getting a project rewarded.

What are the tools to rank your gig higher on Fiverr?

By using relevant keywords and optimization of your gig, you can rank higher.

Are Fiverr rank checkers accurate?

There is some degree of accuracy to the third-party tools.

Are Fiverr rank checkers 100% accurate?

No, they are not 100% accurate but they can give you an estimate about your gig ranking and help you optimize it better.

How do I check my gig performance on Fiverr?

You can check your gig performance by going to the “gig analytics” option on Fiverr.

Why is my gig not ranking higher?

Your performance metric may have dropped resulting in your gig rank stagnation.

How to rank my gig higher?

Use appropriate and relevant keywords.

What is the Fiverr ranking method?

Fiverr doesn’t have an official gig ranking scale. The gig ranking depends on keywords, gig optimization, tags, etc.

What is a good number of ranking keywords in Gig?

About 2-4 relevant keywords per gig.