10 Top Freelancing Countries

Freelancing being the most ideal professional is getting global acknowledgment.

It has become the modern approach for both the business professional and the young population.

The 10 Top Freelancing Countries by Rank

Let me introduce you to the top freelancing countries that are most contributing to this field.

(Source: Payoneer)

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Brazil
  4. Pakistan
  5. Ukraine
  6. Philippines
  7. India
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Russia
  10. Siberia

1. USA

The USA was in 3rd position among the freelancing countries according to the Online Labor Index 2017, published by Oxford Research Institute. But its contribution increased from 10% to 78% in 2022, making it the topmost freelancing country in the world.

Being native to the language, US citizens earn more on average than the other countries. The average salary for an American freelancer is about 30-33$/hour. It is greater than any other country so far. Their total contribution to the American economy is about $1.35 trillion in 2022.

According to the US Independent Workforce Report 2022, the freelancing individuals are about 60M, constituting up to 39% of the workforce. Out of the total American freelancers, 51% are providing their services in IT, computer programming, digital marketing, consultancy, etc.

2. UK

The UK, being the second top contributor in freelancing is hosting about 4.2M freelancers. Its earnings last year were about 59% percent. There was a total 31% increase in freelancers in 2022 and still expected to rise further in the coming years.

The addition of euro 162 billion to the UK economy makes it an essential factor in its economic prosperity. Freelancers are most active in lifestyle and creative industries. The services related to IT and consultancy are also becoming famous among the folks.

3. Brazil

Brazil, generating about 48% of income through freelancing, is standing in 3rd place among the top freelancing countries.

Amid the economic meltdown, the Brazilian population is most inclining towards freelancing with active 25M freelancers in 2022. The gig economy is growing year by year because of the lower pay rates that freelancers are offering.

According to the Payoneer report on Brazilian freelancers:

  • About 83% of freelancers are optimistic about offering their services to other countries.
  • Portugal, France, and Germany are the targeted countries for freelancers despite the language barriers.
  • The freelancers are outsourcing their services on accounting, language, marketing, etc.
  • 68% have learned the in-demand skills to establish a freelancing career.

4. Pakistan

With 47% percent of money generation through freelancing, Pakistan stood in 4th position in the freelancing world since 2017.

According to the source:

  • Pakistan has about 14% of the ICT exports in the fiscal year 2020-21.
  • IT-related exports decrease in 2022.
  • Non-IT exports including content writing, virtual assistance, graphic design, etc. witnessed an increase.

Even with the decrease in IT-related exports, Pakistan is still at 4th largest country for ICT outsourcing. The young blood is actively taking interest in this sector that potentiating it to grow even further.

5. Ukraine

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, the freelancing industry is still booming. With freelancing services increased up to 36% in the current year, a total revenue generation of 36% makes Ukraine the fifth largest freelancing country on the globe.

The three most sought-after categories include programmers, designers, and copywriters. Designers are still most in demand, growing from 27.8% to 28.3% in 2021.

Experts view that expanding the freelancing market is due to the quick and inexpensive recovery, with better operational capabilities.

6. Philippines

The Philippines has ranked among the top ten freelancing countries for years with 35% of revenue generation through freelancing.

Due to the cost-effectiveness of their services, overseas opportunities are expanding for them. The govt. has initiated the Rural impact sourcing technical training project to facilitate the young population.

7. India

According to the Online Labor Index 2017, India was the topmost country in the freelance market. Still after six years, with revenue generation of 29% is holding its place among the top freelancing countries.

  • About 24% of living and working in India.
  • During freelancers are the pandemic, the gig economy saw exponential growth among youth with 40% of individuals reporting an increase in income.
  • The average Indian earns about ₹75,960 per month through freelancing.

8. Bangladesh

With a 26% growth rate, it is eighth among the top freelancing countries. The 650 thousand freelancers are annually earning up to $100M in remittances, according to digital economic report-2019.

The freelancing profession is ever-increasing in Bangladesh because of low labor costs. Due to the ever increasing trend, there was a record increase in freelancing individuals above 96.2%.

The average income is about $60 per month.

9. Russia

The annual growth in the Russian economy is about 20%. With the expected revenue estimated at $102 billion, the freelancing economy is ever-growing.

Currently, 18M people are working as freelancers generating up to $41M in revenue turnover. The most sought-after categories include architecture and engineering.

An average freelancer earns up to 55 thousand Russian rubles.

10. Siberia

Siberia with 10th position is expected to grow 19% by 2023.

The freelancers influencing the global market with their effective skills in development and programming are very successful in attracting global players like GoDaddy, Microsoft, and Adobe.

Regional Freelancing Score

South Asia is so far taking the lead in the regional race. With Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh occupying their places among the 10 top freelancing countries, South Asia is No.1 in facilitating freelancers around the globe.

Followed by North America and Europe to Africa, freelancing is taking its lead successfully.


Freelancing, due to its flexibility and abundance, is strengthening its roots among the young population all over the world.

Other regional players are also starting to make their mark in the freelancing world.


Which country is top most in freelancing?

The USA is the country ranked top in the world for freelancing.

Which countries freelancers are highest paid?

USA and UK freelancers are among the top-paid freelancers.

What is Pakistan’s rank in freelancing?

Pakistan is standing in 4th position among the listed countries.

Which country has the best freelancers?

The USA followed by the UK has the highest-paid and best freelancers according to the data.

What are popular freelancing platforms?

International platforms include Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, and guru.com. but many national sites are popular among the freelancers of that region.

How much do American freelancers earn on average?

On average they earn about 30-33$/hour.

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