Best freelancing courses in Karachi

With the increasing economic instability, it is getting harder to find a well-paid stable job. The awareness among youngsters is growing. People are preferring self-employed opportunities to the 9-5 job. To make it easier, many institutes are offering freelancing courses, some free some paid, some online, and some onsite just to equip you to realize your dream, your goal, and your future.
Freelancing courses in Karachi:
Here I am presenting you the list of the freelancing courses in Karachi.
⦁ Bano Kabil by al-khidmat Foundation
⦁ Omni Academy and consulting
⦁ Freelancing courses in Karachi by Saad Raza (Fiverr expert)
⦁ Freelancing courses in Karachi by Rahman
⦁ Freelancing course by NIST
⦁ Freelancing course by ProTec
⦁ Freelancing course by Go Digital.
⦁ Freelancing course in Karachi by Al-Huda franchise
⦁ Freelancing course by Digi skills

NAME Certification Classes Free/paid

  1. Al-khidmat Foundation Yes Online/onsite Free/paid
  2. Omni Academy and consulting Yes Online/onsite Paid
  3. Freelancing course by Saad Raza Yes Online/onsite Paid
  4. Freelancing course in Karachi by Rahman Yes Online Paid
  5. Freelancing course by NIST Yes Online/onsite Paid
  6. Freelancing course by ProTec No Online Paid
  7. Freelancing course by Go digital Yes On campus Paid
  8. Freelancing by AL-Huda franchise Yes Online Free
  9. Freelancing by Digi skills Yes Online Free

Bano Kabil by AL-khidmat Foundation
The foundation builds on the principle of serving humanity and has taken the initiative to deliver the best freelancing course to empower youth in Karachi.
The courses the Bano Qabil platform is offering include:
⦁ Freelancing
⦁ Digital Marketing
⦁ App development
⦁ Web development
⦁ Graphic Designing
⦁ Virtual Assistant
By effectively bridging the gap to overcome unemployment and poverty across Pakistan, especially in Karachi, the Al-Khidmat Foundation has done a remarkable job and still effectively doing more.

Course details
Program: Bano Qabil
By: Al-khidmat Foundation
Instructors: Experts
Classes: on-campus
Course duration: 3 months
Content duration: 48 hours
content language: English and Urdu
cost: free (3000 security fees before enrollment, refundable)
certification: Yes, after the completion of the enrolled program
eligibility criteria: age: 14-35, academics: min. matriculation
⦁ Free of cost                                                       
⦁ Expert instructors
⦁ Certification
⦁ Comprehensive curriculum
⦁ Age and academic criteria for eligibility
⦁ Security deposit before enrollment
Omni Academy and consulting
Under the MHSG consulting group, omni-Academy was founded in 2010 to bring a modern digital workforce to the youth. Their mission is to empower people with modern developing technology skills so they can build a knowledgeable economy by implementing innovative ideas of their own. 
The courses they offer:
⦁ Learn freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork, and more.
⦁ Graphic Designing
⦁ Digital Marketing 
⦁ Amazon virtual assistant
⦁ Human resources- soft skills
⦁ Banking and financing etc.
Course details
Program: Learn freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork, and more
By: Omni-Academy and consultancy
Instructors: experts in the field (contactors)
Classes: on-campus and online
Course duration: 1 month
content language: English and Urdu
cost: 25,000-30,000
certification: Yes, along with internship
eligibility criteria: –
⦁ Flexible class schedule
⦁ Online and on-campus classes
⦁ Free workshops
⦁ Free practice exam
⦁ Offer Internship 
⦁ Free class recordings to students
⦁ Comprehensive curriculum 
⦁ Expensive
Freelancing courses in Karachi by Saad Raza
Saad Raza a Fiverr specialist with a level two seller badge and Upwork expert is providing a great opportunity to learn from him and his experience. Just to achieve the dream of earning more and freely without any time restriction with abundant new opportunities to unlock, you can join this course and realize your destination. But remember as Saad Raza said, initiative and the right attitude towards success is the key. 
The courses that this platform is offering are:
⦁ Freelancing 
⦁ Advance SEO-Search engine optimization 
Course details
Program: Freelancing course
By: Saad Raza
Instructors: Saad Raza (Fiverr and Upwork expert)
Course duration: 1 month
Classes: online and on-campus classes on weekends
content language: English and Urdu
cost: 50,000
certification: E-certificate
eligibility criteria: The prior skill set is a must. This course is only providing the opportunity to learn the art of outsourcing your learned skill set.
⦁ online classes
⦁ Professional 1-1 class at agency
⦁ Flexible class schedule 
⦁ Hand-on practice in the freelancing marketplace
⦁ E-certificate 
⦁ Internship and job opportunity
⦁ Refundable fees
⦁ Expensive
⦁ Eligibility criteria for 1-1 classes
⦁ Having a skill set is a must.
Freelancing courses in Karachi by Rahman
The freelancing course by Rehman was first started in Lahore where they are still providing on-campus services to their students. With increased demand, they have expanded their online services to 7 other cities across Pakistan including Karachi. 
Online training courses for the Karachi freelancers include:
⦁ Freelancing course
⦁ Digital Marketing 
⦁ Web Designing
⦁ Content writing
⦁ WordPress courses, etc.
To know more information, you can contact them through their WhatsApp no. that is available on their website.
Course details
Program: Freelancing course 
By: Online freelancing course in Pakistan
Instructors: Rahman Rashid
Course duration: 1 month
Classes: online on Zoom and Skype
content language: English and Urdu
cost: 20,000/- (one-time payment)
certification: government-verified certificates.
eligibility criteria: –
⦁ Affordable price
⦁ online classes 3 days a week 
⦁ Nonrefundable advance fees
⦁ Separate charges for government-verified certificates.
⦁ No internship opportunity
⦁ Classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
Freelancing course by NIST
The National Institute of Skilled Training provides skilled professionals to aid you to translate your skills into earnings. If you are a skilled professional and want to start a freelancing career or an intermediate freelancer who wants to excel in this field, this short program is the one for you. 
With their freelancing program, NIST is offering you:
⦁ Learning to navigate and find multiple opportunities. 
⦁ Select the best assignment to work with.
⦁ Soft skills to effectively communicate with clients.
⦁ Make your portfolio to showcase your skills.
Along with the freelancing course, it is also offering to teach you the skill to outsource.
Course details
Program: Freelancing course
Instructors: expert trainers
Course duration: 2 full days
content language: English and Urdu
cost: 13000/-
certification: Yes
eligibility criteria: Anyone 
⦁ Awards and certification
⦁ Networking hi-tea 
⦁ Expert instructors
⦁ No defined eligibility criteria
⦁ Expensive
⦁ Very short course
⦁ Skillset is mandatory.
⦁ No set curriculum 
Freelancing course by ProTec:
Protec in affiliation with TTB Sindh is providing the online best freelancing courses in Karachi. They are offering academic and skilled training with the help of experts with one aim, to empower the youth.
ProTec is a computer education system that effectively guides students to make them Pro in Tec.
Course details
Program: Freelancing course
By: Protec
Instructors: experts
Course duration: 1 month
Classes: online
content language: English and Urdu
cost: affordable 
certification: no 
eligibility criteria: min. matriculation
⦁ Online classes
⦁ Internship opportunity
⦁ Flexible timings
⦁ Free seminars
⦁ Lack of certifications
⦁ Min. education (matriculation) is required.
Freelancing course by Go Digital.
With the digital revolution everywhere the go digital platform, a project of Domino English Learning Center is providing you with the skills to become a modern-day man.
With the aim Don’t think big, think giant, Go Digital is offering one of the best freelancing courses in Karachi for the masses at affordable pricing.
Services that they are offering include:
⦁ Freelancing courses
⦁ Digital Marketing
⦁ Daraz seller training
⦁ Web development
⦁ Graphic Designing
Course details
Program: freelancing course
By: Go Digital
Instructors: expert freelancers
Course duration: 2 months
Classes: on campus
content language: English and Urdu
cost: 8500/-
certification: yes, with separate charges (2000 Rs)
eligibility criteria: not defined. 
⦁ Comprehensive curriculum
⦁ Affordable 
⦁ Separate Admission fees 
⦁ Certificate charges
⦁ No internship

Freelancing course in Karachi by AL-Huda franchise
With more than 950 institutes across Pakistan, the al Huda franchise is providing free freelancing courses through digital space. Along with effective freelancing skills, it also offers multiple other skills and opportunities for the youth to take benefits without any monetary investment.
Course details
Program: freelancing course
By: Al-Huda franchise
Instructors: experts
Course duration: 12 months
Classes: online
content language: English and Urdu
cost: free
certification: diploma certificate
eligibility criteria: minimum FSC.
⦁ Free of cost 
⦁ Certification 
⦁ Extensive curriculum
⦁ Minimum education required.
⦁ Course extended over a year duration.
Freelancing course by Digi skills
Now before concluding I would like to add another platform that has benefited me a lot. The Digi skills. It is a government-supported initiative to equip and guide the people of Pakistan from Karachi to the very end persons living in the mountains in GB to make a living. 
If you want to know more about it, you can visit the following link.

Freelancing is no more a profession. It has become a trend. With Pakistan in the top ten list of freelancing countries in the world, its youth is navigating and participating in more freelancing opportunities. It is a matter of time before Pakistan ranks as the topmost country in freelancing. All credit goes to the ambitious and ever-learning youth of Pakistan.


Which freelancing course is best for freelancing?
⦁ Freelancing entrepreneurial courses
⦁ Web development.
⦁ Digital marketing.
⦁ Graphic designing, etc.
How to start freelancing in Karachi?
Learn a skill set, set a portfolio, go to the traditional marketplaces, and start pitching your clients.
What are the skills to learn to be a successful freelancer in Karachi?
Web development, digital marketing, SEO marketing, and graphic designing are popular courses in demand.
Which institute is offering the best freelancing courses in Karachi?
Many reputed institutes are offering freelancing courses in Karachi. My suggestion for the youngers who are just starting is to start with the courses that are free of cost such as DG Skills.  
Which freelancing course is easy to learn?
The learning process is dependent on the self-interest and hard work the person is willing to put in. There are no such criteria to define which course is easy and which is challenging.
Is freelancing a good career?
Freelancing, due to the perks it is offering, is the best choice among people nowadays.
How much can you earn through freelancing?
There is no set benchmark. You can earn as much as you wish through it.
What are the free freelancing courses in Karachi?
⦁ Freelancing course by Al-Khidmat Foundation
⦁ Freelancing course by AL-Huda Franchise
⦁ DG Skills (all over Pakistan)

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